Gang Beasts 0.4.1

Choose a fighter and attempt to dominate the competition in this fighting game

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You have precious few local-only party games available from which to choose for the PC because party games often fit better with the console. The game can be played in the living room, and it does not require much extra effort, but a computer is the home of multiplayer gameplay for the online realm. Nevertheless, Gang Beasts defies these laws and becomes a party game anyway. Not mention, it's a pretty good one.

Amusing and Fun Combat Arenas

Gang Beasts has a combat system all of its own. It features arenas filled with deadly snares, and if you can look past the wacky camera angles and the unimpressive graphics, the game itself delivers a punch with random bouts of entertainment throughout. At moments, you'd swear your friend was given some laughing gas as it's impossible to play this game and take it seriously. Gang Beast does, however, need more game modes to make every play session more enjoyable.

Gang Beasts: Survival Mode

Survival mode can be interesting as you play as a gelatinous fighter who tries to avoid being squished, pummeled or immolated. Survival mode has you fighting across eight different small and highly diverse maps, and you will face off against deadly ingenious devices and pitfalls. For example, on one map, you will have to fight inside a factory with industrial shredders, and in another map, you fight against combatants on a rickety gondola suspended hundreds of feet in the air. The goal in each of these games is to be the last man standing and either knock your opponents off the edge or lower their health bar to zero.

Not a Game for Children

Gang Beasts looks cartoon-like, and while the fighters have an adorable appeal with large white eyes and many colors, do not let that fool you. This is not a game for kids. To give an example, you fling one fighter into a buzzing fan blade or toss your next opponent in front of a speeding train. It's enough to make you laugh because it's like the battle broke out among Teletubbies and Tinky Winky just gave Dipsy a careless toss off a cliff. While the game does not have blood and gore, it can take a few moments to process how much violence is happening in front of you.

Wonky Physics: Adds Some Much-Needed Unpredictability

Every fight will lead to some level of unpredictability. Gang Beast has some strange physics at work, and you might feel like this would be an annoyance, but actually, it's one of the game's best features. You have a hard time controlling your punching strength, so your next right hook could leave your opponent unfazed or knocked out cold. It depends on a variety of factors. To try this game out with friends, you will get some great laughs.


  • Unpredictable physics and gameplay
  • Great party game for the computer
  • Colorful characters that resemble psychopathic Teletubbies
  • Combat is fun


  • Not a good game for children

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